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Owned Media for PR & Marketing


A trusted resource for gathering information

In recent years, people's actions for gathering information is changing with the growth of the Internet. Web search has became more and more common for not only general persons but also business people. For a media article that was resulted in Public Relations activities, business people who want to know more detal on the articles, their first action is to type keywords into search engine. It is the key for avoiding the loss of business opportunities to deliver appropriate information to potential customers who trawl the Internet for usuful content.

Today the people's behavior for collecting information has shifted to the Web search, accumulating information onto the Internet becomes increasingly important. Ahead of the competitors, providing users with valuable information via the Internet is a significant advantage on the business.

In addition to provide mass media with corporate messages by PR methods including press releases, Tokyo PR supports the marketing activities utilizing owned media, such as corporate website, business blogs, eNewsletters and more.

Owned media

Bi-direction communication tools

  • Corporate website
  • Business blog
  • eNewsletter
  • SNS



Message distribution channel

In order to convey the corporate messages to customers, it is efficient to utilize multiple messaging platform and secure the touch points with them.

While distributing the official messages to the mass media as press release or press interviews, the owned media can complement the information that has been introduced in the mass media.

Media articles written in media point of view ensure the neutrality and reliability of the information for audience. On the other hand, audience can obtain more detailed information from owned media.

Either mass or owned, but not both. Utilizing both mass and owned media is the key to deliver messages to potential customers efficiently.



Permanent marketing assets

Media article as the result of public relations activities has been written by journalists from the perspective of a neutral outsider. For this reason the reader puts the trust in the "article" that has been introduced in mass media. But, articles of newspapers and magazines are slightly difficult to remain in the hand as long as the reader does not file them intentionally, because the printed publications are published every day/week/month. Once lose, it can take time and effort to look for them later.

On the other hand, information that was published through "owned media" such as a website or business blog is stored on the Internet and it can easily be accessed by Web search even after five years.

Content stored on the Internet will be the permanent marketing assets.

Tokyo PR will propose the effective action plan in line with the situation such as company structures and available resources.

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