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Media Relations

Maintaining a solid and vibrant relationship with the media

Establishing good relationships with media

pic_pertner_640x424Tokyo PR serves as a critical resource for clients to inform, educate and motivate the media to convey their messages on a timely basis, and to achieve positive editorial "third party" endorsement in influential media on a continuing basis.

The strength of Tokyo PR's media relationship and professional knowledge have provided its clients with result-oriented media relations, from organizing general press conferences to arranging exclusive interviews.

Through our extensive experience and expertise in B2B, we continue to build and maintain a very close relationship with the business-related media on a daily basis for all our clients.


Relationships with Japanese Media

Foreign companies can present its global presence and leadership in each markets, along with strategies and operations in Japan. Corporate strategies are the backgrounder to each product strategies. Presentation of both strategies will give better understanding to the media.

Communicating Face to Face

  • Delivering message Face to Face builds strong impression and familiarity to the media, which leads to more firm media relationships.


  • Most of the relative media locates in Tokyo, and direct interaction such as press conferences and interviews are very common in Tokyo compared to other cities.

Delivering messages by VIP

  • Media highly accredits the companies which Top Management (Chief Officers, /VIPs)meet and talk. Hence Top Management appearance is very important for long-run PR activities.


  • Press Conference during their visits to Japan is the best format, to save time for VIPs as well as to give opportunities to meet many journalists at once.

Focusing on Japan Market

  • Japanese media’s interests lies in influences to the Japanese market and seeks words on the company’s strategies and focuses in Japan.


  • Foreign corporation VIP’s Japan visit and press conference for Japan can show its commitment to Japan as an important market.