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Press Events

Arrangements for one-on-one interviews and press conferences

Face to Face communications

Face to Face communications with journalists have an important role in establishing media relations. Tokyo PR provides supports from press event planning and organization, journalist invitation to onsite support and media follow-up.

One of the most effective ways to ensure an effective & long-lasting public relations program is to divert some of your resources to media events including Press Interview (One-on-One/Group), Press Conference, Technical Seminar, Plant Tour, Social Gathering (luncheon/cocktail) etc.

We believe that directly "briefing" the media periodically will certainly have a positive impact on the company as a whole and will build and maintain an even stronger and lasting relationship.

Press Conferences

pic_pressconferencesDelivering corporate strategies at the events are the backgrounder to each product strategies. Presentation of both strategies will give better understanding to the media.

  • Help build key messages
  • Select target media and schedule
  • Prepare Press Kit
  • Venue Arrangement and Onsite Support
  • After-event follow-up


Press Interviews

pic_interviewsOccasional interviews with media – opportunities to speak Face to Face with journalists – have important role in establishing media relations.

  • Select Target media and schedule
  • Provide Anticipated Q&A
  • Prepare Press Kit
  • Onsite Support
  • After-event follow-up


Private Exhibition / Plant Media Tour

pic_factorytoursSmall-scale private product exhibition to invite certain number of channel partners and end users can be effective. Also possible to invite media for one-on-one or group interviews. Plant Media Tour can be a great opportunity to present your application cases in Japan.

  • Help build key messages
  • Select target media and schedule
  • Prepare Press Kit
  • Onsite Support


Trade Shows

pic_boothinterviewsTrade show is a good opportunity to introduce your product and technology directly to media, while being a place for business meeting with users.

Tokyo PR supports trade show focused media activities including press releases and media events organization.

PR Campaign at the show

  • Before the show – Trade show participation
    • Press release
    • Press event
  • During the show – Products and Technology
    • Press interview
    • Booth tour

Participation support

  • From booth design to construction management
  • Preparation of handout materials

Trade show suggestion

  • Provide a list of key trade shows


Other event supports

Upon your request, we can support following events as well.

  • In-house seminar coordination
  • Sales promotion events for customers
  • Press Room organization at trade shows ...and so on