• Chatenier Kanda, 1-9-18, Kajicho, Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo, 101-0044, Japan

How We Work


Results Driven

Our motto being “Always be side-by-side with the client”

We believe that our specialty will make the most efficient PR activities possible. We will develop your PR activities and help achieve your goals by being a depot to connect you and the media.

We regard understanding of clients via “Close Internal & External communication” as the essence of all PR activities, which can be achieved by close communication with client for what they need and what message they want to deliver, to result in delivery of high-news value information.

This is Our Specialty: side-by-side relationships with client and shared resources will enable to establish stronger relationships with the media, which will be build upon consistent communication, high-value info provision, and timely response.

Continuity Consistency and Credibility

Constant media activities will help develop recognition ground. Periodical press releases inform on corporate and products contributions will well present your technical excellence and benefits.

More recognition can increase the publication opportunities which will lead to more efficient brand acknowledgment and target group outreach. Of course this cannot be achieved in “one-shot” activity, rather long-run good relation-building with the media will result in improved brand recognition.

Typical services for monthly retainer clients

PR consultation

  • Meeting with local key spokespersons to localize global strategy to fit the local market
  • Discuss with local team to distribute any press releases more efficiently
  • Discuss relevant topics with local team in Japan
  • Communicating with global MarCom team to grasp PR activities in the world and find relevant news topics in the Japanese market

PR execution

  • Distributing press releases in Japan and abroad simultaneously
  • Selecting the best media to arrange interview with the local team/ global spokespersons
  • Trade show support and PR event support


  • Flexibility: Feedback our performance in any formats of client’s preference
  • Media request/inquiries: will be communicated immediately to the corresponding client personnel, and the results will be included in our monthly report
  • Networking: support for smooth communication between global and local, we assist you with streamlining PR processes which satisfies both local and global teams
  • Communication: Delivering local voices to the global team / vice versa