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Successful PR Campaigns in Japan

Public Relations

Public relation is all about effective communication; this means providing the right message to the right audience at the right time. Tokyo PR helps client organizations by developing and managing effective communications program to attain their corporate communications objectives.

Our principal activities cover overall marketing communications program. Our expertise encompasses the strategic employment of Public Relations to engender successful marketing and media campaigns.

  • Effective Media Relations

  • Press Release/Technical Article Writing, Delivering and Clipping services

  • Press Event Arrangement

  • Marketing Support ...including Literature, Website, Trade show and so on.


Global Communication

Effective multinational PRs are made possible by well-communicated PRs understanding the local culture and needs.

With our experiences and capability working as a part of global MarCom networks, Tokyo PR liaises with global/regional and local teams to effectively translate and deliver your global messages to Japanese media.

As we believe it’s important to be closely in touch with clients and media, we connect you and media in the most effective way.

80% of our client being foreign firms, we commit ourselves to support their businesses in Japan with PR.



PR campaign in JAPAN

Public Relations is regularly utilized as one marketing element. Many occasions such as launch of a new product or service and their promotions, on ad-hoc, constant or seasonable basis can be greatly enhanced by using public relations techniques in the total marketing mix, along with sales promotion and other techniques.

A key for successful PR campaign in Japan is to make the global PR program enhanced for Japanese market to best-utilize your resources.

Respecting the regionality of each local, standing on a global standpoint is important. Listening and understanding to the voices from “media”, “users” and “staff”, implementation of PR program optimized in a Japanese market leads to a good result.


Importance of Japan Office

It is essential to involve Japan local office to implement any PR/Marketing programs in Japan. The key to success lies in how the program will fit in the overall global public relations program.

Japanese editors do not contact the overseas office directly. Settling head-office one global media contact for all global media inquiries may give a good information control, but use of local offices enables faster response to the inquiries which is also very important. The way is to share fundamental info with the local, to enable this.

By responding to the media's demand and reflecting the opinions of the local office in the program, you can achieve the maximum public relations effect.

Important Roles of Japan office

  • Positioning PR personnel in Japan

  • Understanding the Japanese market

  • Having a line of contact with each product manager/engineer

  • Translating and editing relevant materials

  • Contact window for local journalists

Recognizing the value of PR within the company

  • Understanding PR activities

  • Ready to excavate a potential source of PR activities

  • Building consensus between local and global

  • Communications among PR agencies

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