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Press Releases

Complete Press Release services from preparation to distribution and monitoring & report

A core activity for Public Relations

pic_pressreleasesPress Releases are the centerpiece of all the PR activities. Tokyo PR provides the complete Press Release services from preparation to distribution and monitoring & report, by finding the best PR resources client has, editing them into simple and effective press release draft, and pitching them to the target trade media.

A product press release introduces your company's product, and at the same time, it shows the achieved result of your business strategies that have been announced earlier through corporate related public relations activities.

If you announce a product that is related to a strategically important area that has been announced earlier, the media will then have a positive impression that your company is following-through on its strategies.

We make sure that the content and timing of the product and corporate press releases are in sync while we work on a public relations program.


Press releases activities

Press Release writing/localization

  • Drafting Japanese language press releases

  • Translation of English press releases

Target Media Selection

  • Selecting right media to distribute your news materials

  • Distribution

  • Depending on each media’s preferences, Press Releases will be distributed via Email, FAX and Mail

Monitoring / Reporting

  • Monitoring the article placement

  • Collecting articles and submitting the report at the end of each months