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Highly specialized in the B2B sector

B2B Technology

Chemical/Polymer, Electronics/Semiconductors and Industrial Machinery fields are Tokyo PR’s specialty fields with long history. Our extensive knowledge of the Industries and Technologies enable us profound and quick understanding to client's business operations and products.

All our clients would basically fall under "technology".

We are always enthusiastic about knowing the client. We quickly study and obtain information about client, products, and technology from communication with client, marketing material, and other sources.

Correct recognition of advanced technology

What is important is that the reporters understand the traits/characteristics and advantages of a product/technology - hence, we arrange interviews with your engineers whenever an opportunity arises.

We are able to effectively convey a message that clearly states the details and application targets even for a product that might be similar to the previous one by emphasizing the advantages in the interviews.


  • Petro-Chemical/Industrial
    • Engineering plastics
    • Silicones
    • Additives
    • Gas
    • Injection molding machines
    • Auxiliaries
    • Process Solutions
    • Mechanical Components/Hardware

  • Automotive
    • Heat exchangers
    • Body Panels
    • Glazing

  • Electronics/Energy
    • Semiconductor devices
    • Electronic Components/Devices
    • PV/Solar

  • Enterprise/Communications
    • WLAN

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