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Content Development

Focusing on customer's insights is a key for successful content creation

Focusing on "Audience wants to know" but "You want to tell"

In marketing activities using owned media, it is important to provide the valuable content for audience/potential customers. In the case of the web content, the audience will easily go away if they feel "disappointing", "not interesting", "useless", "lack of credibility" for the content.

It is necessary to focus on customer insights to lower the bounce rate of access users. An efficient way to find a customer insight is to listen to the voice of the field staff that are actually in contact with the customer.

Attractive content varies with the stage where the custome is in, such as Investigation/Evaluation/Preparing approval documents.

Listening to the voice of field staff and exploring the attractive information for target users, creating a content with a focus on "What audience want to know" will be available.


Delivering information along the purchasing process

In the preparation of the content, it is necessary to be aware of the purchasing process.

purchasing process

Each and every potential customers are standing at the different position in the purchasing process.

It is important to take into account the customer's position in the purchasing process and provide the right information at the right time. Careful content planning can make apparent potential needs.