SmartExtrusion — 2024-06-07

Pfeiffer Vacuum、ACHEMA展Okta ATEXルーツポンプとHiScroll ATEXスクロールポンプのデモを実施

News 02.06.2024

Safe Vacuum Generation in Potentially Explosive Zones

At ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main from June 10 to 14, Pfeiffer Vacuum will demonstrate the Okta ATEX Roots pumps and HiScroll ATEX scroll pumps


Cosmo Films、サーマルラミネートフィルムをはじめとする多様な製品群をDrupa 2024で展示紹介

News 02.06.2024

Cosmo Films showcases diverse product ranges at Drupa 2024

The company will demonstrate a wide range of thermal lamination films, Cosmo Synthetic Paper, Cosmo Sunshield films and other Graphic application products



News 02.06.2024

Reifenhäuser launches the world’s first 18 micrometer thin MDO-PE film

The film has been developed and tested for practical suitability in collaboration with raw material manufacturer LG Chem and printing specialist BOBST


Wacker、ヘルスケア製品のプロバイダー米Bio Med Sciencesを買収

News 01.06.2024

Wacker acquired provider of silicone-coated healthcare products in USA

By acquiring Bio Med Sciences’ assets and know-how, WACKER has now advanced its expertise for production of silicone-coated adhesive products



News 01.06.2024

Neopac Announced New Cosmetics Tube Line in US Facility

The state-of-the-art tubeline will boast enhanced capacity and capabilities, enabling to produce additional 70 million tubes per year at the Neopac′s Wilson, NC plant


Hexachase Flexipack、Vetaphoneコロナ技術を搭載したNordmeccanica Super Simplexラミネーターを導入

Case studies

Hexachase chooses Vetaphone technology for its Nordmeccanica laminator

Hexachase Flexipack has installed a Nordmeccanica Super Simplex laminator fitted with Vetaphone corona technology at its production facility in Cheng, Melaka



News 01.06.2024

LYB unveils Polybatch Effects FROST for PET bottles

These masterbatches transform PET packaging with a stunning matte frost effect, abd are available in two distinct styles


Ineos Inovyn、次世代リサイクル・パイロット・プラントをベルギーに新設

News 01.06.2024

Ineos Inovyn launches next generation recycling pilot plants

Two new PVC pilot plants in Belgium will have a 40KT recyclable capacity by 2030


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