SmartExtrusion — 2024-06-14

BLUEONE Solutions、LindnerとEREMAの合弁会社が一貫した品質のプラスチックリサイクルを提供


Consistent quality in plastics recycling

EREMA and Lindner revealed, how to achieve this goal by exchanging data between the extruder and washing system


Fraunhofer、SKZ Plastics Centerと共同でCTを用いた押出材断面の3D画像をオンラインで測定する研究プロジェクトを開始


Insight into profile extrusion

The SKZ Plastics Center and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS have launched a research project in which X-ray-based computed tomography (CT) is to be used for online measurement of a 3D image of the extrudate cross-section



News 08.06.2024

Cabot launches new circular black masterbatches

Company to expand its REPLASBLAK® product family with ISCC PLUS certified content powered by EVOLVE® Sustainable Solutions


Fakuma、2024年10月18日に展示会の一環としてCareer Fridayを開催

News 08.06.2024

Let’s go! Fakuma Career Friday

The organizer Schall Messen invites you to the Career Friday on 18 October 2024 as part of the 29th Fakuma



News 29.05.2024

New unit enhances the efficiency of closure inspection

The new closure inspector from Krones enables bottles to be efficiently inspected for the correct placement of tethered caps as well


CoreTech System、Moldex3Dマテリアルセンターの最新成果を発表

News 29.05.2024

Celebrating milestones

Moldex3D Material Center has recently announced about their two significant achievements


Tessy Plastics、医療製造業界におけるAIの役割についてビジョンを共有

News 29.05.2024

AI’s role in medical device manufacturing & automation

Tessy Plastics shares its vision on what makes AI especially exciting for those in the medical manufacturing industry



News 29.05.2024

How to connect your materials testing laboratory to the digital world

LabV® cloud-based software solution from NETZSCH enables centralized access to all lab data




Step into Tomorrow

INTRAVIS demonstrated its cutting-edge inspection solutions at NPE2024 in Orlando



News 29.05.2024

Providing access to cutting-edge measurement technologies

iNOEX partners with Alpha-Tex to serve the extrusion market in Mexico with industrial measurement and control technology


Emerson、初期コストとエンジニアリングの複雑さを軽減する新しい柔軟な制御パッケージDeltaV Flexシステムを発表

News 29.05.2024

Emerson’s new flexible control package

The DeltaV Flex System provides scalable, subscription-based automation to reduce up-front cost and engineering complexity



News 29.05.2024

Kistler to carry out necessary calibrations in situ

Traceable on-site calibration now available for force measuring chains and joining systems


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