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News 20.05.2024

Mocom opened new production facility for carbon fiber reinforced plastics

From now on, more than 3,000 tons of high-quality carbon fiber compounds can be produced in Gardelegen, Germany


Clariant、環境負荷を低減するポリオレフィンフィルム押出成形用AddWorks PPAポリマー添加剤シリーズと酸化HDPEワックスLicolub PED 1316を発表

News 20.05.2024

Clariant: New solutions to reduce the environmental impact of plastics

The company introduces AddWorks PPA polymer additive range for polyolefin film extrusion, a new oxidized HDPE wax Licolub PED 1316, and expands its additive offering for plastic recycling


Ampacet、高度なAIを使用してリアルタイムで色を測定する自動化システムLIAD Smart SpectroMetric 6®を発表

News 20.05.2024

SpectroMetric 6 – Latest Advance in Color Measurement and Correction

Ampacet LIAD has introduced the LIAD Smart SpectroMetric 6®, a closed-loop automated system that measures color in real time using advanced AI



News 20.05.2024

Conair ProfileMaster™: A line of downstream profile extrusion processing equipment

The new line, which features calibration and cooling tables, haul-offs, cutting units, and tilting tables, was introduced at NPE 2024 in Orlando


Innovia、ホットメルトバリアフィルムRayoface™ AQBHAを発表

News 18.05.2024

Innovia launches hot melt barrier film

Rayoface™ AQBHA is a high performance and high gloss PP film with two sides coated white for fridge and freezer label applications



News 18.05.2024

Prezero to Build a New Sorting Plant in Denmark

With a capacity of 100,000-130,000 tons of plastic waste per year, the aim is to provide well-sorted recyclable materials for recycling


Pixargus、ゴムコンパウンドの品質をチェックする検査システムProfilControl 7 Roughnessを発表

News 18.05.2024

Pixargus presents a new inspection system

ProfilControl 7 Roughness checks quality of rubber compounds in a time-saving and efficient way


Mitsui Chemicals、生分解性プラスチックをベースにしたスパンボンド不織布を発表

News 18.05.2024

Novel Spunbond Nonwovens from Mitsui Chemicals

The nonwoven is based on the biodegradable plastic and is suitable for composting in domestic settings


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