SmartExtrusion — 2022-05-27

NatureWorks、高機能バイオポリマーの開発で韓CJ BIOと協業

News 25.05.2022

CJ BIO and NatureWorks collaborate on creating high-performance biopolymers

The two companies are working toward a Master Collaboration Agreement   …read more


POLIFILM EXTRUSION、接着剤や熱加工が不要なラミネートフィルムを開発

News 25.05.2022

Polifilm Extrusion rethinks laminating films

The development from POLIFILM requires neither additional adhesive nor thermolamination for lamination   …read more



News 25.05.2022

White light interferometer for stable thickness measurement

The large thickness measuring range allows the measurement of thin layers, flat glass and films   …read more


C-P Flexible Packaging、熟成肉のトップメーカーであるVolpi Foodsと提携し堆肥化可能な惣菜用パッケージを開発

News 23.05.2022

First Fully Compostable Package for Deli Meats

C-P Flexible Packaging has teamed up with Volpi Foods, a leading manufacturer of cured meats, to launch the first fully compostable package for packaged deli meats   …read more


AGRO Group、独の不織布メーカーRKW HydroSpunを買収

News 23.05.2022

AGRO Group acquires production site for nonwovens in Germany

RKW HydroSpun GmbH in Halberstadt is changing owner: The facility in Sachsen-Anhalt has been acquired by the Bad Essen-based AGRO Group   …read more



News 20.05.2022

Printable film made from recycled polyester with metallic effect

ASLAN has developed a new PVC-free film with a water-based adhesive: LoopPET Metal CRA 31   …read more


Brabender、トルクレオメーターと組み合わせて材料や化合物の溶融挙動を分析する内部ミキサー350 SXを発表

News 20.05.2022

Brabender introduces new Internal Mixer 350 SX

In combination with a Brabender torque rheometer, the 350 SX analyses the melting behaviour of materials and compounds   …read more


Trex、優れた美観と性能を兼ね備えた木材代替コンポジットデッキTranscend® Lineage™を発表

News 19.05.2022

Trex Unveils Transcend® Lineage™

New Generation of Premium Composite Decking Combines Enhanced Aesthetics and Performance   …read more


Sesotec、5月30日から6月3日まで独ミュンヘンで開催のIFAT 2022で斬新なソーティングモジュールVARISORT+ FLEXを展示紹介

News 19.05.2022

Sesotec presents a novel sorting module

Sesotec will be showcasing the new VARISORT+ FLEX sorting module to trade visitors at IFAT 2022, which will be held in Munich from May 30 to June 03   …read more


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