SmartExtrusion — 2021-12-17

Davis-Standard、最新のグルーブフィード技術を導入したSHO(Super High Output)押出機を発売

News 14.12.2021

Next Level Groove Feed Performance

Davis-Standard introduces the latest in the company’s groove feed innovation with the launch of its SHO (Super High Output) extruder   …read more


Avient、HEPAフィルター用不織布に向けた添加剤MagIQ Nonwoven Electretを開発

News 14.12.2021

Avient Develops New Nonwoven Grades for HEPA Filters

MagIQ Nonwoven Electret additives for HEPA filters improve the capacity for absorbing small particles   …read more



Case studies

New Life for Varex at Mondi

Mondi in Jackson, MO, retrofits the VAREX line with the newest technologies from W&H   …read more


Interplastica、2022年1月25日から28日までモスクワのExpocentre AOで開催

News 13.12.2021

interplastica 2022 live in Moscow

interplastica, the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, held from 25 to 28 January 2022 at Expocentre AO in Moscow, is the most relevant meeting point for Russia and its neighbouring states   …read more



News 09.12.2021

cirplus: Millions to combat plastic pollution

cirplus functions as a procurement platform for recycled plastics, connecting recyclers with plastics converters   …read more


plastship、特定アプリケーションに適した添加剤の選定を簡素化するAdditive Selectorを提供


Selection of additives for higher-performance plastic recyclates simplified

The European industry platform now makes finding the additives for a particular application much easier with the free-to-use Additive Selector   …read more



Case studies

New sheet line for thermoforming in post-consumer recycled material

The project of UNION is optimized to produce sheets of highest quality, with a high output of 1500 kg/h   …read more

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