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News 02.11.2021

RadiciGroup presented new nonwovens

The Group is introducing Respunsible®, a reduced environmental impact spunbond made from recycled polypropylene, and radimelt™, the brand name for the Group’s line of meltblown nonwovens and composite materials   …read more




Development of Manufacturing Technologies for Graphite-Polymer Based Bipolar Plates

Within the framework of a joint project, Coperion is working on the continued development of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells   …read more



News 01.11.2021

PlastIndia rescheduled to a later date

The 2023 edition of PlastIndia will be held from 1 to 5 February, 2023   …read more


Friul Filiere、PA66サーマルブレイクプロファイル製造用の押出成形ライン6基をポーランドに納入

News 01.11.2021

Friul Filiere to deliver 6 extrusion lines to Poland

Friul Filiere guarantees a high production capacity and centesimal tolerances in the extrusion of PA66 thermal break profiles   …read more



News 29.10.2021

Trex to expand in Arkansas

Trex expects to invest about $400M over the next five years in the development of the new site, dedicated to decking and railing production, plastic film recycling and processing, etc.   …read more


Nefab Group、高機能熱成形クッションメーカーReflex Packagingを買収

News 29.10.2021

Thermoformer Reflex Packaging acquired by Nefab Group

Reflex Packaging is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance thermoformed cushioning, with operations in Americas, Europe, and Asia   …read more


Lanxess、持続可能な原材料から作られたポリアミド6コンパウンドDurethan BLUEBKV60H2.0EFを発表

News 28.10.2021

Lanxess presents sustainable high-performance plastic

Durethan BLUEBKV60H2.0EF is a polyamide 6 compound made from 92% sustainable raw materials   …read more

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