SmartExtrusion — 2022-01-07

Dow、半導体パッケージングに向けた新しいシリコーン技術をSEMICON Taiwanで展示紹介

News 31.12.2021

Dow to showcase new silicone technologies for semiconductor packaging

Silicone-based hybrids, hotmelts and die-attach film solutions address top trends in advanced packaging   …read more


GEON Performance Solutions、塩ビコンパウンダーのRoscomを買収

News 30.12.2021

Geon acquires a PVC compounder Roscom

GEON Performance Solutions is a leader in the formulation, development, and manufacturing of performance polymer solutions   …read more


Bio-Fed、ISCC PLUSおよびREDcertサステナブル認証を受けたM-VERA®コンパウンドを発表しポートフォリオを拡大

News 30.12.2021

Bio-Fed: New biomass-balanced polypropylene compounds in portfolio

The Cologne-based company BIO-FED has expanded its portfolio with ISCC PLUS and REDcert sustainable certified M·VERA® compounds   …read more


Gabriel-Chemie、Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbHと共同で印象的なメタリック感を実現する新顔料を開発

News 29.12.2021

A new pigment for an impressive metallic look

In cooperation with the masterbatch specialist Gabriel-Chemie Deutschland GmbH and Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH, it has been possible to reproduce a fantastic metallic look in plastics   …read more


IKV、International Colloquium Plastics Technology展の開催を2022年9月7日~8日に延期

News 28.12.2021

IKV postpones 31st International Colloquium Plastics Technology

Instead of in March, IKV will invite plastics experts from around the world to network personally on 7 – 8 September 2022 in Aachen   …read more


Teknor Apex、太陽光発電技術でHyperlight Energyと提携

News 28.12.2021

Teknor Apex Partners with Hyperlight Energy for Solar Power Technology

Plastic tubing made with Teknor Apex compounds replaces traditional steel for more sustainable energy capture   …read more


Advanced Drainage Systems、雨水・浄化槽排水の水管理ソリューションを提供するJet Polymer Recyclingを買収

News 23.12.2021

Jet Polymer Recycling is now part of Advanced Drainage Systems

Jet Polymer with its three plastic recycling locations in Alabama and Georgia is currently the largest supplier of recycled polypropylene plastic   …read more


ProAmpac、軟包装およびラベリングサービスプロバイダーの米Prairie State Groupを買収

News 23.12.2021

ProAmpac Acquires Prairie State Group

PSG is an SQF-certified provider of flexible packaging and labeling services based in Franklin Park, Illinois   …read more


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