SmartExtrusion — 2021-11-26


News 24.11.2021

Domo introduces Technyl® brand

All current DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC™ branded engineered materials solutions will be merged under one TECHNYL® umbrella worldwide   …read more



News 23.11.2021

PTi’s New eG-SERIES® Roll Stand

In the eG-SERIES®, emphasis is placed on achieving high quality sheet through strict control of accurate cooling temperatures, while incorporating design features that simplify the extrusion/application process   …read more



News 23.11.2021

Coexshield Packaging solutions to add hyper-extended shelf life

COEXPAN is launching a range of food packaging solutions, amongst which are its COEXSHIELD antibacterial monomaterial trays for fresh food applications   …read more


RadiciGroup、ポリアミドをベースにした積層造形用フィラメントRadilon® Adlineを発表

News 23.11.2021

RadiciGroup filaments for additive manufacturing

Radilon® Adline is a range of 3D printing filaments based on special polyamide grades from the Group’s Radilon® family   …read more


PFF Group、熱成形による硬質プラスチックの食品パッケージを製造・販売するSirap UKを買収

News 19.11.2021

PFF Group to expand with acquisition of Sirap UK

The £13m turnover company was part of the Italian Sirap Group and is a leading producer and supplier of thermoformed rigid plastic food packaging   …read more



News 19.11.2021

Pacur To Buy PETG-Sheet Manufacturer Carolex

Oshkosh, WI-based Pacur is acquiring CAROLEX from epsotech Holding GmbH, a supplier of primarily thick gauge extruded plastic sheet with seven other factories in Europe   …read more


Nova Chemicals、再生ポリエチレン(rPE)の供給でCirculusと提携

News 19.11.2021

Nova Chemicals Collaborates with Circulus

NOVA announced a long-term agreement with Circulus Holdings to supply NOVA with recycled polyethylene (rPE) produced by Circulus   …read more



News 18.11.2021

Evonik to expand plasticizer portfolio

Plasticizers are used in particular for flexible PVC products such as cables, flooring and roofing membranes   …read more

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