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News 16.11.2021

Lanxess to make its High Performance Materials business legally independent

The portfolio of the HPM business unit includes the engineering plastics polyamide and polybutylene terephthalate, as well as fiber composites   …read more


Avient、産業・通信用ケーブルジャケット向けに2つの新グレードECCOH™ 5565とECCOH™ 5978 UVを発売

News 16.11.2021

Avient Launches New Grades for Industrial and Telecom Cables

The two new formulations for cable jacketing, ECCOH™ 5565 and ECCOH™ 5978 UV expand Avient’s solutions range and can improve the lifetime of cables   …read more



News 16.11.2021

Alpla puts HDPE recycling plant in Mexico into operation

The investment sum came to around 20 million euros, about 70 new jobs have been created   …read more


Colines、DOW PEベースの樹脂を使用したキャストMOPEフィルムを発売

News 12.11.2021

Colines launches cast MOPE film

The film was totally made with DOW PE-based resins and extruded on the latest generation of COLINES Polycast line, equipped with their patented MDO system   …read more



News 12.11.2021

RecyClass approved Samson HDPE tube technology with Colgate Total artwork

The technology in question is a tube technology destined mostly for Oral Care products. It is a fully printed HDPE tube containing EVOH-barrier   …read more


Paragon Films、プライベート・エクイティ・ファームのRhôneに買収

News 12.11.2021

Paragon Films to be acquired by a private equity firm Rhône

Paragon is a manufacturer of ultra high-performance cast stretch films, operating three state of the art manufacturing facilities with headquarters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma   …read more


Meta Materials、CovestroのBayfol® HXフィルムを用い、ホログラム要素を実装したスマートデータグラスを開発

News 11.11.2021

Smart data glasses from Bayfol® HX films

Meta Materials Inc. is implementing the holographic elements using Bayfol® HX photopolymer films from Covestro   …read more

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