SmartExtrusion — 2020-06-12

Mondi、リサイクル可能なフレキブルパッケージFlexiBag Recyclableがペットフードの鮮度とジューシーさを維持

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Mondi’s FlexiBag Recyclable keeps pet food fresh and succulent

A new 12.5 kg bag is the largest sustainable FlexiBag Recyclable on the pet food market and has officially been certified for recyclability by Institute cyclos-HTP   …read more



News 10.06.2020

ProAmpac debuts CurbSafe tamper-evident bags

CurbSafe is a recyclable, polyethylene bag designed for delivery of food and specialty retail products   …read more



News 10.06.2020

Covestro expands its portfolio of bio-based products

Makrofol® EC is the first partially bio-based polycarbonate film in the company’s product portfolio   …read more



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Extrusion screw and barrel package withstands corrosion from fluoropolymers

Nordson custom-designs Xaloy® components for FEP and PVDF in accordance with widely differing processing temperatures and mixing requirements   …read more


Collin、25%以上の性能と容量を備えた新しいコンパウンダーP 2.0シリーズを発表

News 09.06.2020

Collin presents P 2.0 series compounder

With 25% more performance and thus more capacity, the new compounder convinces completely with 1,200 rpm and a torque of 13 Nm/cm3.   …read more


GN Thermoforming、WhatsAppのメッセージングプラットフォームを使用して新しい機械を設置

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GN Thermoforming installs new machines with WhatsApp messaging platform

Faced with new business challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, GN has come up with a novel way to install new equipment and train operators   …read more


Conventus Polymers、上海に中国法人Shanghai Conventus Polymers New Materialsを設立

News 09.06.2020

Conventus Polymers LLC to open Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai

It will offer the company’s broad portfolio of products to processors and end users throughout the Chinese provinces   …read more


Klöckner Pentaplast、北米のフイルム工場の生産能力を大規模に拡大

News 09.06.2020

Klöckner Pentaplast: Large expansion at its film facility in North America

The multi-million dollar investment will increase the facility’s capacity by 6,000 metric tonnes, and will add innovative coating capabilities   …read more


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